Information Technology Services

What we do

Reliable and efficient office IT systems, from the ground up. 


Experienced professional management of all your Information resources


Setup, management and security of a private mail server in your office or email on one of the many cloud mail systems. 

File Servers

A file server in your office, or one of the many cloud file systems. Proper file security, organization and access control.

Web Servers

A convenient, easy-to-use secure Intranet for frequently used information, lists, announcements, calendars, etc., organized by branch, location and any other criteria you wish. 


So people can find your website and your email always arrives. Reliable, secure hardware and software installations.


Those things you don't want, like spam and malware, are kept out. Proper backups are maintained and available.

Remote Access

Working from home? We make it easy for you, with proper security so you get access to your systems but others don't.

Our Team
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